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USCIS Certified brazilian document translations

USCIS Certified brazilian document translations


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U.S. Visas

We specialize in translating Brazilian documents into English to support the following US visas:

Visa E4,  Visa L Visa  M, Visa O Visa I5,  Visa P Visa Q, Visa  R Visa IR1,  Visa IR2 , Visa B-1, Visa B-2, Visa  C-1, Visa IR3  Visa A-1/A-2,, Visa SB  Visa IW, Visa E1, Visa E2, Visa E3, ,  Visa C5, Visa  T5   Visa  A-3,  Visa  K1, Visa K2, Visa K3 Visa C-1/D Visa,   Visa IR4, Visa IR5  Visa  F-1, Visa G-1/G-4, Visa IH3, Visa IH4,  Visa  G-5, Visa H, Visa I, Visa J-1, Visa L,   

Our Certified Portuguese (Brazil) document translations abide U.S Federal Code 8 CFR 103.2(b)(3):

"All  documents submitted in support of an application or petition must  include complete translation into English.  In addition, there must be a  certification from the translator indicating that the translation is  complete and accurate and attesting to his or her competence as a  translator."  


Our brazilian document IMMIGRATION CERTIFIED TRANSLATION services

We provide Certified Portuguese (Brazil) translation services for the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), Department of Homeland Security, and other local, state, and federal departments.

Our Certified Portuguese (Brazil) translations are recognized and accepted.


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Don't wait! Contact us for a free phone consultation. Let us help you figure out your best next steps are. We suggest to gather all necessary documents to be translated from Portuguese into English. You can create PDF files or legible pictures.

Fill out the contact us form and let us support your Certified Portuguese (Brazil) document Translations. We have been translating Brazilian documents into English for the USCIS, and other local, state, and federal departments for 33 years. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Discount available on two or more documents.

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Brazilian Immigration Document Translation Experience


brazilian identification translation

Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Passport Translation, Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Identification Card Translation  Certified Portuguese Brazil Driver License Translation - Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Military Identification Card Translation 

Brazilian civil registry translation

Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Common-in-Law Certificate Translation  Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Birth Certificate Translation - Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Marriage Certificate Translation  Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Divorce Certificate Translation Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Death Certificate Translation 

brazilian financial translation

 Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Investment Translation -  Certified Portuguese (Brazil)  Balance Sheet Translation   Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Bank Statement Translation -  Certified Portuguese (Brazil)  Income Tax Translation

brazilian criminal records translation

 Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Federal Police Criminal Records Translation -  Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Civil Police Criminal Records Translation

brazilian academic translation

Certified Portuguese (Brazil) School Records Translation, Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Syllabus Content Translation  Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Syllabus Content Translation  Certified Portuguese (Brazil) University Transcript Translation   Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Transcript Translation - Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Diploma Translation Certified Portuguese (Brazil) University Diploma Translation 

brazilian vaccination records translation

 Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Vaccination Records Translation -  Certified Portuguese (Brazil) Animal Vaccination Records Translation

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